Saturday, July 25, 2015

Eureka Stockade

From Angus: 

The Eureka Stockade was a dramatic Australian history event taking place in the 1850’s in Ballarat,Victoria. The miners or diggers had come, from all over the world, to Ballarat to mine for gold.

There were people from China and America mining for gold alongside the Australians. The diggers needed a licence to mine for gold.There were police officers who would go on a licence hunt asking people to show them their licences. If miners were found without a licence, the officers would tie them to a log for the whole night until they paid the fee but if it was not paid by morning they would be sent to prison.The diggers were sick of this and one night they all came together to take a stand for freedom and burnt their licences. This is what started the Eureka Rebellion- the short war where 8 officers and twenty two diggers died.This battle was fought on the 3rd of December 1854. The diggers eventually and finally won their freedom and they were freed from the unreasonable rules.

Original Eureka Flag
From Dylan:

In the 1850s, people from all around the world came to Ballarat to mine for gold, but it wasn't easy as they thought it would be.
The Government saw what was happening and told the miners that they would to pay 30 shillings for a licence. Each month they would have to pay a fee of 10 shillings, if they did not pay this they would be tied to a log till they got the money. But in 1854 the miners stood up to this by raising their own flag to show that they didn't want to pay anymore.It was followed with a big fight and the  miners building their own wooden stockade. Twenty two miners and 8 soldiers died in the fight. Three years later the miners had the right to vote. The miners were able to mine in peace without the government down their throats.

 From Eden: 

On 3rd December, 1854, occurred a very dramtic event in Australian history.The gold miners had become agitated with how much they had to pay to mine, considering how little some of them found. Thousands of miners gathered and flew the Eureka flag, a blue flag with a white cross and five stars to symbolise the Southern Cross. The redcoats were alerted and, following the flying of the Eureka flag, there was a short but bloody battle where twenty two miners and eightof the police were killed. The battle didn't stimulate immediate change, a;lthough three years later the government granted all men the right to vote.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Visual Literacy for Learning: Samuel Taylor Gill prints teach History

S.T Gill: Diggers on the Way to Bendigo-State Library Vic.

Courtesy of The State Library of Victoria, the Seniors classes have been inspired to make use of the lithographs of Samuel Taylor Gill and other artists to assist their learning about the Goldrush. Using a Core Routine of Visible Thinking: See, Think, Wonder- a routine especially effective for exploring artworks, the students examined a series of Gill's lithographs to prepare for their imminent trip to Sovereign Hill.

SEE: old and young, no women, grassy trail, fishing rod, panning trays, kettle, hats, bags and a dog!
THINK:  walking to look for gold, it's humid and hot because of the light sky and clouds, they are tired because their backs are not straight when they are walking, clothes all seem clean so they are "going" not "returning"
WONDER: What's in the bags? Why have they brought a dog? Are they carrying their food? How long was the trip to the gold fields? Did anyone die on the journey?

 Elisa and Ciaran
Charles A. Doudiet: Eureka Riot 1854

SEE: the Eureka Hotel, town, wind, fire, dust, soldiers, crowd, hills, rioting
THINK: The hotel has caught fire!  The townspeople are angry because of what has happened! There's a battle going on!
WONDER: What's happening here? Who has caused this? What are the soldiers doing? How did the fire start and why is there rioting?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What is Story?

What is story?
Kitty: Story is some true or mythical information about the past, how the world was created or just your imagination.Story can also help your imagination and the way you see the world.

 Chloe: Stories help us to remember, they can be a tradition and they can inspire us and guide us through our path of life. They also teach us what and what not to do.

Ciaran:  What is story? Story is the passing on memories to future generations. It expands people's imagination until they too, tell the same story. 

Stephanie: I believe that it is important for everyone to have a story to pass on to future generations, show others your story past and present or just to keep memories alive.


Monday, July 13, 2015


Today we began our new inquiry with the Rich Question: How has Australia's Story Grown and Developed? We completed the Solo Hexagon activity which meant we joined the hexagons according to their words and grouped them together. It was a fun activity which started us thinking about our new history topic. Afterwards we had to justify why we had grouped the hexagons in a particular way. They are only blu-tacked so, as we learn, we may be able to adjust our thinking and grouping.


Eden and Mrs Y
Getting Started!
Making Connections


Friday, June 5, 2015


Greetings. Last week the seniors were involved in a talk about Arduino, a special programming product. Our ICT teacher had talked to them through twitter and asked if they could do special lessons with some seniors. So last week we had this talk to learn about Arduino so students could see what it is like and get involved. I would really like to become involved in this to learn about programming and to make gadgets.  Angus

Thursday, June 4, 2015


On Tuesday evening the Seniors gathered with their parents to present their learning about Confirmation. What I liked was how we were able to share our learning about Catholic Social Teaching and the Gifts of the Spirit and how they connected to our Confirmation.
On Tuesday evening we ran lectio divina with our parents. This is a prayerful way of looking at scripture and allows the Spirit to be with us. When people share their thoughts we all feel connected to         the readings.
    Tessa and Alex
 Tuesday evening was a time for  connecting Confirmation to our inquiry  topic, “Why Justice?” We made the  connections by reflecting on justice issues  around the world and how they challenged  us. The night was an overall success. Both  parents and students were deeply engaged  in the listening and the learning. All the  parents enjoyed seeing the research and  icons of our saints.   Amelia 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Global Connections@Behind the News

Today we were listening to Carl the interviewer from" Behind the News" to see what it was like when he did the "Live Below the Line Challenge." The challenge was to only have $10 to spend on food over 5 days. We had learnt from viewing the episode. A more personal message came from Carl and the message he was trying to tell us was to be grateful for what we have and not take precious items for granted. It was great to ask him questions on Twitter about the challenge. It showed we can learn a lot about the world from outside our classrooms.-Jamie and Chloe

Monday, May 4, 2015


After reading a poem entitled, The Wind, we discovered it used many examples of personification. We decided to have a go at writing our own examples about the sun.  
Ciaran: The sun glared and pounced onto the hillside. He covered the earth with a bright, red cloak, and slapped sunburn onto helpless victims as he devoured the earth with his boiling flames. Stephanie:The sun baked the earth until it was golden brown. Her eyes watched over us until the moon rose. She guarded the sky until morning was nigh. Eden: The sun jumped into the sky. His long, warm fingers tickled the earth. His bright, yellow face glowed cheerfully at me. Joe:As the sun went for a rest, the moon, his friend, took his place. Travis:The sun spread his red arms across the land, hitting creation with his gentle hand. Hiding or shining bright, the sun goes to sleep when it reaches night.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Enjoy our pastel work, inspired by Van Gogh!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Today in our Justice inquiry, we talked about our needs and wants. We got into groups to work out what resources and we needed to live and what things we valued, but we were only allowed SIX different resources per group. Overall, we thought that a house, clean water, food, family, good health and democracy were most important to be able to live a worthwhile life. We think that today's task was really fun because it taught us about the essentials in life rather than what we want to be happy.   WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE SAID...?

Elisa and Stephanie


Monday, April 13, 2015


Today we started a new topic of Inquiry. "Why Justice ?" is our new question for our topic inquiring into Social Justice. We used a graphic organiser called a Frayer-Concept Model  so our teacher could see what we already know about Justice. The graphic organiser had questions like, "What does acting justly mean?" and, " What are some non-examples of Justice?" When we finished our graphic organiser  we took sticky notes and wrote some of our answers for display. I think this will be a good topic because it will teach us about how lucky we are compared to some people in other countries and communities.

Please join us in exploring by adding ideas to our question,
What does justice mean to you?"
By Eden and Ben

Friday, March 20, 2015


A day the Seniors will never forget!!!! At our local track,middles and seniors competed in a fun,interesting and stunning inter school sports event. Everyone gave it their all,and never gave up which was great to see. We challenged other schools in athletics and field events. It was a great day and we all had fun... especially when our school was called out as the winners!!!! We all shouted at the top of our lungs in a respectful manner. It was such an enjoyable day that we will always remember. Thanks to all,from Dylan and Ciaran!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

St Patrick's Day Mass and School Fundraiser

On Tuesday, the SRC went to the annual St Patrick's Day Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral. All the catholic schools in Melbourne came to this Mass.The grade 6 SRC were chosen to hold the banner and process through the cathedral representing our school. After we processed into the church, the Grade 6’s sat under the massive organ. There were TVs all around the church so we could see the Archbishop blessing everyone and then he started the Mass.There were hundreds of children and adults. After the Mass, we toured the cathedral with our teachers. Then we had a celebration in the Exhibition Gardens. Overall we had a fun filled day! 

 Ben and Tully

 Meanwhile, on Wednesday, everyone donned their green outfits and the Justice Team helped with our annual Green Day Fundraiser for Caritas.