Tuesday, November 25, 2014


MELBOURNE MUSEUM: http://museumvictoria.com.au/melbournemuseum/discoverycentre/dynamic-earth/    

The Dynamic Earth experience really added to our learning about disasters.....

  • I enjoyed The 3D Volcanic Eruption movie a lot. It was great seeing a disaster occur from a different perspective because we are normally used just seeing pictures but this was more intriguing and taught us more information.
  • The rocks were interesting-the tiny details blew me away-patterns, colours, shapes-formed in so many different ways.
  • Seeing the revolving earth models was fascinating.... to see the changes over time and how the earth was formed
  • We could see what the earth looked like over 4 million years ago
  • The rocks and crystals were amazing, to think that something so bright and colourful can come from underground
  • Seeing the 3D movie helped me to visualise the power of the disaster
  • The crystals are formed naturally and have such incredible beauty and shapes
  • The Melbourne Museum exhibit was a great experience and it introduced a new perspective to the meaning of natural disasters
  • Going to watch the 3D video, was really engaging. It made you feel like you were actually right there at that very moment. It makes me realise how dangerous volcanic eruptions can be.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Collaborative Groups


I love collaborative groups because it is a great chance get to know others and find out a bit about them and what they like to do...  Tessa
I love collaborative groups because  they are fun and you meet new friends and people and my teacher is good fun.... Molly
I love collaborative groups because we get the opportunity to meet others and get to know them well....Ashling.
I love collaborative groups because we play fun games together (with our friends from other levels).... Samuel
I love collaborative groups because we can collaborate with students from higher and lower levels...Will
I love collaborative groups because I see how cross-age learning and working together brings out the best in our students,
 in the way they relate tenderly to one another, in the surprised faces of the "big 'uns" when they hear the wisdom of the 'little 'un's"
 in the strong desire of the older students to care for and nurture the younger students
and in the way I come to know other students in depth.
Mrs Yore

Friday, November 14, 2014


...no winners today but a great day was had by all. Thanks to Cricket Victoria and SEDA for running the day. Congratulations to those who won.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


From Tia:
“At last the sky clears.The years pass.The tree weathers many storms…but the Lone Pine still stands proud and strong.”
Lone Pine is a captivating book, which conquered my heart. It really makes me feel a connection to the families now and then. I now truly understand what feels like to have family involved in a war.Susie Brown and Margaret Warner used powerful language to create a heart-stopping story. The strong, sharp sentences make a lovely story.  

From Daniel:
The Lone Pine is a story about WW1 in Gallipoli, Turkey. Three brothers go to war for what they think is going to be an amazing adventure. But the soldiers of Turkey are ready for them and the the fight is short and fierce. Two of the brothers survive but one falls in battle.
The oldest brother finds a pine cone while searching for his younger sibling and posts it to his mother who is back home in Australia. She puts them in a pot and grows three small saplings from the seeds of the pine. two survive and are green and healthy but the last one weathers away and dies. She sends the first one to a place called Inverell. The second went to Canberra to the memorial for the war where it still is today.

From Tom:
You can feel the pain in the story of a lost brother, a lost child, possibly a lost father or husband. You don’t want to take things for granted after  reading this story, knowing that this happens every day, receiving the dreadful news of a loved one, gone forever....a truly beautiful sight for such a horrible battle!
The beauty, although, keeps us remembering them, thanking them, knowing our lives would not be the same because of them.~Lest We Forget~

From Will:
The lone pine is a sad but heart warming true story. The emotions it brings to mind move from the sad moments to the moments that fill your heart with joy. It's a story of remembrance that proves that a mother’s love is very, very strong...a family's bond will never break.

From Gemma: I love the amazing vibrant images and the way the illustrator Sebastian Ciaffaglone captured the story was incredible. This book was stunning. “Lest We Forget.”

From Ava:I feel terrified. Bullets are speeding toward us as we are running to war. Many have fallen in the time that has gone past, but I have survived till the end of the war. Now I am looking for my little brother who I still can not find.  I come across a pine branch that has a one last cone on it. I hold  it  tightly and smell the aroma of it. It reminds me of my mother's garden so very much.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Playing the Disaster Game made me be aware of what I can do to save myself and others if a natural disaster happens. I can react quickly and carefully - Madison H.

When I played the disaster game I realised that many tsunamis occur in poorer countries in which many people live in huts that can easily be washed away - Natalia B.

Playing this disaster game showed us what can be provided and how we can use resources to our advantage. It also showed the effects of a disaster. -Jonathan

Playing this game made me think what resources I should have so if a disaster did happen I can use them to save lives. I also learnt about how I can protect myself. Cooper M.

I think that playing this game was really good because it taught us how to prepare if there was a disaster. I did bushfires and I didn't realise how important it was to improve your evacuation plans - Nick

It was a big shock to realise  the large impact that the disaster makes- Corinne B

Thursday, November 6, 2014


A Google a day makes us shout, "Hooray!"(Words courtesy of Nick!)  Today we explored a website new to us which we found an interesting way to learn.

  • it helps us to practise using Google
  • it causes us to explore Google to a greater extent
  • we learn new general knowledge
  • it covers a wide range of areas eg history,geography, science etc

  • it encourages us to discover new strategies for using a search engine

  • it's fun and a challenge because there's a timer
  • we discover new websites-moving away from the "wikipedia"dependence
  • we are required to read and decipher the questions wisely
  • requires us to use skimming and scanning skills


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Piano: student response to animation

A beautiful animation inspires the students to experiment with some lovely creative writing!

The brief: a creative commentary experimenting with two new words - excerpt and juxtapose

Natalia: Do you ever wonder about the saddest and happiest moments of your life? In this touching excerpt, we see an old man playing the piano juxtaposed with some of his most memorable moments. I felt immensely sad when the man's wife appears as a ghost and kisses him on the cheek. When the man is a little boy, and receives a gift which he was clearly longing for, I felt his joy.

Madison: "The Piano" is a living music piece that takes us back to our own memories as the old man remembers his. ..The feeling is magical and sensitive, therefore my reaction is sadness and to be patient.

Madeline: Looking back at one's life, we see joyful and painful moments juxtaposed...The short excerpt from this old man's life was guided by the mesmerising piano song.

Tessa: Many moments in your life can be touching, from youth to old age...watching this clip makes me wonder what life will be like for me at that age.

Isabella: The old man thinks of the past, remembering things with the help of his piano. Playing the piano is bringing the passion and emotion into his memory.

Mia: Today we watched a short excerpt from an old man's life and saw how the piano made him remember and brought the tears down....all he has left is his grandson who plays the piano with him as they remember. The clip today was very sad and brought memories to my mind, too.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Going Google's Great!

Day One: new Chrome Books .1:1 for the Seniors. An excited buzz fills the air in Rooms 5 and 6!

And this is what we're thinking.

How will Chromebooks help my learning?

The Chrome books create a new path of learning and make it easier to learn (some things.) They are really fast, meaning that we can get to work much faster and we’ll be able to do more work. There are a range of tools to learn with, present with, ways to store information and help to find what we need. It’s great to have one each because this way we all get to do work. It is easy to find Google Chrome and this makes it easier to share information. Chrome books are light and portable, which helps when it comes to storage!
...It is also easier and faster access to google drive. The teacher can also put a site on everyone's chromebook which is faster than giving everybody the link and waiting for everyone to get on the site.
I believe my school buying chromebooks was a great idea!!


I think that the chromebooks are cool and epic. I learnt that you can change your google chrome and your desktop background as well.They are very fast and load up within seconds which makes this a good computer. Google are innovative and smart to make these devices great for kids and adults for learning. Chromebooks could be the future for schools and businesses.

How will Chromebooks help me with my learning?

I think they will create a huge impact on my learning by getting quickly on internet. I can get onto google drive in a couple of seconds. Which makes it easier than having to go to my tub and grab my book try to find a pen which usually wastes a lot of my time. It also makes it easier to spell things correctly because of the spell check. I personally think it gets more work done than writing in my book. I also enjoy being on it which helps me do my work faster.

I think the chrome books will help me with my learning because they provide a quick way to access many apps like dictionary and thesaurus.

They load more quickly than the old windows computers. They are lighter and easier to use. With the cases we are given it will keep our chrome books safer. They do automatic updates as well and 8.5 hour battery life. IT ONLY TAKES 9 SECONDS TO TURN ON!!!Chrome books are a great update to our school's technology!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's a Goal!

It's that time of year again! Goal setting time! This morning, goal setting was well on the way. Each of us was busily thinking about what we would like to achieve this Term. After a quick chat to a partner for some advice, we all got set to our 'SMART' charts (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely.) We all hoped to achieve these goals by the end of the Term. Hopefully we will be able to score these goals by the end of the Term! Here are some of our charts...Maddie

Monday, October 6, 2014


Hello, readers and fellow Seniors. Welcome to Term 4!

Our Inquiry for this term is natural and man made disasters. We're not only going to make a model and that's that, we're learning about how to prepare for and collaborate in times of disaster.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Visit from St Vincent de Paul

At assembly we had a very special visit from Paul and Margaret, both of whom work for the St Vincent de Paul Society or Vinnies as they are popularly known. They came to talk to us about the children whose education we sponsored, when we raised money on St Patrick's Day. For this they gave us a certificate and some feedback about their work. We felt happy because we were able to make the lives of other kids much better. 

Altogether we sponsored nine students BUT the seniors also had a positive education project and we had to do an action to help the others and Gemma raised money for St Vinnies. In total Gemma, Tessa and Jamie raised $66.75, to give to St Vinnies. If we raised $70 we could sponsor a child to go to school so Tessa, Jamie and Gemma are giving money for a young person to go to school.

Posted by Corinne, Kathryn and Gemma.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Footy Day at school so time to use some of the AFL's online material to stimulate some discussion about LEADERSHIP! Here's what we came up with.



Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan


Jonathan: Rules of Summer has left a lot to the imagination. It is a book that allows you to change or modify the story in your own way. 

Tom : Rules of Summer is a picture book for all ages. A three year old might look at the pictures and get the idea of two boys having lots of adventures together but, there is far greater depth. Shaun Tan has left us to our own imagination...to write our own story.....the illustrations enhance the story ...being an abstract story, you need to pay attention to the pictures which are beautifully created.

Daniel: This book is cleverly written and mysterious. I have some questions! What was the eye for? Where is the story set? How long is the summer? Are the two brothers happy?

Madeline: The words tell one story, but the pictures tell another. The older brother's rules apply to the younger brother, but the younger brother's interpretations are quite different. The start of the story is bright and cheerful and then becomes dark and gloomy. Then the colour regains its liveliness. The colour sends your mind racing.

Corinne: Although the plot might not be seen as a normal story line, I believe the colours and textures throughout the pages were enough to display a change of thought or mood.

Nicholas: This book initially confused me, but after hearing Shaun Tan speak, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHYRc7F0pwQ) the book made sense as to how we could use our imagination to make the two boys whoever we want. I liked how the illustrations are made to make us think and how exaggerated they were. For example, when the rule told the boy not to take the last olive, it showed evil hawks as the guests.

Katherine: The story is about two boys, one older and one younger, following the rules of summer but, of course, your imagination can take you anywhere from hawks in suits to giant red rabbits.

Joe: This story sways your emotions through the use of illustrations and colour. The plot is simple but, it shouts aout exaggeration and humour.

Teacher reflection: I loved the students'  high level of engagement with this story. Much time was spent discussing its mood, purpose and the literary and artistic devices employed.  Viewing Shaun Tan's discussion about his book enhanced their understanding. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Sun is Shining, the Wind is Blowing, So Why Still Burn Coal? (Natalia's wise question.)

The Middle Matters experts have their say..
Can the Government reduce our use of coal in the future? Many people are saying that this mission won't be easy, but if the government stops thinking about money, it would make it a lot easier.

There are alternatives to burning fossil fuels. Wind turbines and solar panels have been harnessing energy and could potentially be the way of the future.... Madeline

Renewable energy is possibly the end to all of our electricity problems - it's easier, safer to manage, it's unlimited and it's good for the environment...except for one major downfall - the price! Renewable energy is more expensive than coal and not everyone can afford that....Tom

Though the technology for renewable energy is expensive, some people believe this is the way to go because it doesn't pollute the air and is completely renewable....Ivan

Many years ago, the government wanted  20% of our energy to be green by 2020. Now, energy prices  have increased, the plan is being reviewed and may decrease or be forgotten in time.

Green energy is the future, but what exactly is green energy? Green energy is energy made from nature - renewable and sustainable. We can collect energy from water, waves, wind and sun....Jonathan

Friday, June 20, 2014


Girls' Report:

Corinne: Today was really fun and a thrilling experience for us. The girls lost a game, drew one and won five. We were very happy with how we played and everyone from the team stepped up and played a little better. Overall I think everyone has improved from today and we have a awesome day to remember!!

Boys' Report:

Tom and Dan: The soccer round robin was great fun. We were undefeated before we lost in the final against Holy Family 2-0. It wasn't an ideal outcome but we had plenty of fun all the same. We all played well and are extremely happy that we even made it to the final.  Thanks to Ms V for all her support.