Friday, March 6, 2015


After watching BTN's fabulous presentation on "Upcycling," we began to experiment with some key persuasive devices such as writing a provocative opening sentence, experimenting with rhetorical sentences and using modality to emphasise our opinions.

Here are some of our thoughts!

From Ciaran: 

Do you know the future of rubbish?... you should!! Everyone knows what recycling is, but do you know about the wiser upcycling? 50,000 kids in Australian are using upcycling and absolutely loving it. It puts some good fun and imagination into your life and it seems to be affecting the environment… in  an eco friendly way of course.

What is upcycling ?
Most the time upcycling products can’t be recycled. You take trash and make it into your own clever idea. For example school kids have been using old dirty tooth paste into clever little headbands. You must try this fun,creative,eco friendly idea.

From Elisa: 
So have you ever heard of the word upcycling? Well everybody should know what it means … Upcycling is where you can take trash and turn it into something new without changing its formation.

Well what is the difference whether you recycle or upcycle? When you upcycle the product stays in its original shape but when you recycle it turns into something totally different.

There are 50,000 children in Australia that are in a program where you bring things that can be recycled, then you make anything you want. You can even turn trash into a decoration!

SMALL IMAGE (PNG)Public DomainFrom Brandon P: Rubbish is surely useless right? Am I right? Well actually no! Over 50 Thousand Australian children are doing something called upcycling which is where for example you take a toothpaste tube and make it into something else like a bag. Upcycling is actually nothing like recycling.  Upcycling focuses more on using the actual material to make something but recycling focuses more on breaking things down and using the material again.  Also upcycling uses things you would usually not recycle. I think that upcycling is a very good idea and if you have a little bit of spare time why not try it? You might like it and its good for the environment.So do you think that we should keep uncycling? Instead of throwing things in the trash, we should definitely upcycle.

From Joe:
Recycling has been around for ever but have you heard of the great thing called “Upcycling”?
There is so much rubbish in the world that we will not have enough space for it on earth so let’s Upcycle.

We must Upcycle to save the earth and the people on it or we could be living on smelly tonnes of rubbish when we are older.Upcycling is so easy because you can make so many things out of waste.
Upcycling is when you use the materials that can’t be recycled like toothpaste tubes and candy wrappers. It is absolutely disgraceful if you are wasting these resources that we can upcycle.
It seems to be that not lots of people know about upcycling and we are often only told about recycling and sometimes try recycling things that we can upcycle.

This should be something that everyone does in their day to day life.You should start that trend.
This is possibly one of the world’s biggest problems today and maybe even the worst so you must start doing this to save the world as we know it.So save the world and start a trend so that you can make a difference.Do this please!


This morning we joined with women around the world to pray for the women in the Islands of the Bahamas. We pray for them because of the violence they have suffered in their homes. So today we gathered in our church to pray for all those who have been badly treated.The more experienced women in our church told us about what has been happening in the Bahamas. We sang three song together with women from other churches in our area and watched some videos about the Bahamas.
It was good to gather and pray for those less fortunate than ourselves. 
We have to be thankful for what we have and know that there are always others that need our help.

Maria and Eden

Thursday, March 5, 2015


WOW! What a great twilight sports on Monday night!The school competed in a very well prepared and quite stunning school sports. As sport captains we had to perform in a dance with the rest of the school and perform it in front of a massive crowd. After we had performed the dance we got started on our circular rotation. That included shot put, sprints,tunnel ball, running,long jump and more! Overall it was a great night and everyone competed well, but red team performed at their best.

 Tessa and Ciaran!!!!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2015


What an important day it was with the whole school cleaning up for Clean Up Australia Day! It was so exciting because the Environment Team ( that my friend and I are on) go around with one class each, helping the clean up with small rubbish bags. Happily, NONE of the bags were full so that means we're a very environmentally aware school! Please tell us what you did for clean up Australia day!
Alex and Kitty.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Incursion for Science

Today at school, John came to talk to us about chemical science. We had to pretend we were in a glass and imagine we were atoms and we all had to join up to each other using our hands and we were a solid!!. Then John separated us into pairs and we could move more freely! We became a liquid!! Then he split us again and we were on our own, free to go anywhere... which made us gas!! So that's how we learnt the difference between solids, liquid and gas.

Brandon and Brandon

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cyber Safety Tool Kit-Students Reflect

At school our amazing ICT teacher gave us an interesting surprise. We were given a mystery toolbox that had unusual things in it.The toolbox was a fun way to learn about cyber safety.The students gathered the information they had learnt and put it into a creative and joyful video. Enjoy the movie and cheers from Dylan and Ciaran!

Friday, February 6, 2015


Big excitement in Year 6 today with the arrival of our brand new 2015 Year 6 jumpers! Smile everyone!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


When we came to School this morning we were set a task by our teacher. It was to answer the question, 'Why Do We Go To School' and the whole class contributed. We brainstormed the answers and wrote them down on our Chrome Books. We came up with a number of great answers that we put into a google doc and our teacher thought they were brilliant... see below for some quotes about our thinking!

Angus and Will.                                            

Do you wonder why we all come to School?

Do you think its a waste of time?

Well let me tell you why it is so important...

We come to School to learn about Skills for the future that will help us evolve in life to become more independent and responsible…

We also come to School to take action and learn to learn.

School also encourages us to take action and work at our goals(Mine is Maths!).

School helps us to learn about the world and its different people and their cultures throughout the world from pole to pole.School helps us to realise we are part of a giant loving community. Angus

Here are some reasons why Senior MY thinks we should go to school!My first reason is for us to gain an education to help us prepare for the our future jobs and life. I think it is good to make friends and relationships with new people, that means we will never be lonely again.It is good to become independent, responsible and to be inspired to take action in the world. I think it is good to express ourselves-develop deeper thinking. Also to work for our goal and hopefully get there. Last but not least to learn to learn! I hope now that you have read this you will love school even better than before. Elisa

We come to school to help us take action into  the world and develop our own thinking skills.The most important thing is to learn how to learn really think dive deeply and express  yourself.We also come learn about not just our community but the world and environment around us.“So don't just sit there go outside go for a walk and learn” You may not notice but  learning is all around you. Grace

School inspires us to get good jobs. School helps us to be independent and responsible  for when we get older and leave our parents and live on our own. School helps us to think more deeply and to reach our goals. School educates me for future jobs and skills for the future and the last thing of all is we learn to learn.  Brandon C


Monday, February 2, 2015


Prayer for Today : As we set out, all well rested and open to new beginnings, we paused to take a look at the wisdom of nature! 

The amazing story of the flight of geese led us to reflect on those qualities that would create "lift" in our classroom.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014



The Dynamic Earth experience really added to our learning about disasters.....

  • I enjoyed The 3D Volcanic Eruption movie a lot. It was great seeing a disaster occur from a different perspective because we are normally used just seeing pictures but this was more intriguing and taught us more information.
  • The rocks were interesting-the tiny details blew me away-patterns, colours, shapes-formed in so many different ways.
  • Seeing the revolving earth models was fascinating.... to see the changes over time and how the earth was formed
  • We could see what the earth looked like over 4 million years ago
  • The rocks and crystals were amazing, to think that something so bright and colourful can come from underground
  • Seeing the 3D movie helped me to visualise the power of the disaster
  • The crystals are formed naturally and have such incredible beauty and shapes
  • The Melbourne Museum exhibit was a great experience and it introduced a new perspective to the meaning of natural disasters
  • Going to watch the 3D video, was really engaging. It made you feel like you were actually right there at that very moment. It makes me realise how dangerous volcanic eruptions can be.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Collaborative Groups


I love collaborative groups because it is a great chance get to know others and find out a bit about them and what they like to do...  Tessa
I love collaborative groups because  they are fun and you meet new friends and people and my teacher is good fun.... Molly
I love collaborative groups because we get the opportunity to meet others and get to know them well....Ashling.
I love collaborative groups because we play fun games together (with our friends from other levels).... Samuel
I love collaborative groups because we can collaborate with students from higher and lower levels...Will
I love collaborative groups because I see how cross-age learning and working together brings out the best in our students,
 in the way they relate tenderly to one another, in the surprised faces of the "big 'uns" when they hear the wisdom of the 'little 'un's"
 in the strong desire of the older students to care for and nurture the younger students
and in the way I come to know other students in depth.
Mrs Yore

Friday, November 14, 2014

CRICKET VICTORIA MILO T20 BLAST SCHOOL CUP winners today but a great day was had by all. Thanks to Cricket Victoria and SEDA for running the day. Congratulations to those who won.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


From Tia:
“At last the sky clears.The years pass.The tree weathers many storms…but the Lone Pine still stands proud and strong.”
Lone Pine is a captivating book, which conquered my heart. It really makes me feel a connection to the families now and then. I now truly understand what feels like to have family involved in a war.Susie Brown and Margaret Warner used powerful language to create a heart-stopping story. The strong, sharp sentences make a lovely story.  

From Daniel:
The Lone Pine is a story about WW1 in Gallipoli, Turkey. Three brothers go to war for what they think is going to be an amazing adventure. But the soldiers of Turkey are ready for them and the the fight is short and fierce. Two of the brothers survive but one falls in battle.
The oldest brother finds a pine cone while searching for his younger sibling and posts it to his mother who is back home in Australia. She puts them in a pot and grows three small saplings from the seeds of the pine. two survive and are green and healthy but the last one weathers away and dies. She sends the first one to a place called Inverell. The second went to Canberra to the memorial for the war where it still is today.

From Tom:
You can feel the pain in the story of a lost brother, a lost child, possibly a lost father or husband. You don’t want to take things for granted after  reading this story, knowing that this happens every day, receiving the dreadful news of a loved one, gone forever....a truly beautiful sight for such a horrible battle!
The beauty, although, keeps us remembering them, thanking them, knowing our lives would not be the same because of them.~Lest We Forget~

From Will:
The lone pine is a sad but heart warming true story. The emotions it brings to mind move from the sad moments to the moments that fill your heart with joy. It's a story of remembrance that proves that a mother’s love is very, very strong...a family's bond will never break.

From Gemma: I love the amazing vibrant images and the way the illustrator Sebastian Ciaffaglone captured the story was incredible. This book was stunning. “Lest We Forget.”

From Ava:I feel terrified. Bullets are speeding toward us as we are running to war. Many have fallen in the time that has gone past, but I have survived till the end of the war. Now I am looking for my little brother who I still can not find.  I come across a pine branch that has a one last cone on it. I hold  it  tightly and smell the aroma of it. It reminds me of my mother's garden so very much.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Playing the Disaster Game made me be aware of what I can do to save myself and others if a natural disaster happens. I can react quickly and carefully - Madison H.

When I played the disaster game I realised that many tsunamis occur in poorer countries in which many people live in huts that can easily be washed away - Natalia B.

Playing this disaster game showed us what can be provided and how we can use resources to our advantage. It also showed the effects of a disaster. -Jonathan

Playing this game made me think what resources I should have so if a disaster did happen I can use them to save lives. I also learnt about how I can protect myself. Cooper M.

I think that playing this game was really good because it taught us how to prepare if there was a disaster. I did bushfires and I didn't realise how important it was to improve your evacuation plans - Nick

It was a big shock to realise  the large impact that the disaster makes- Corinne B